What artist's work is displayed in the Saatchi Gallery?

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It seems that artists are coming up with more and more forms of expression, most of which would not have been thought of hundred years ago. When viewing artwork I look for something I can relate to my own work in terms of subject matter or technique and also what I can learn from them. As I was browsing the Saatchi Gallery there was one artist I found to be absolutely amazing and inspiring and one that was not very appealing to me, though I do respect their work. I unintentionally view all artwork from both a subjective and objective perspective by paying attention to what message the artist is trying to portray as well as my own personal opinion and how the piece makes me feel. I encourage this perspective to anyone who views artwork in order for them to find the most appreciation of each piece.

     I found the work of Laleh Khorramian to be quite captivating. Her use of ink, oil, crayon, and collage on polypropylene seem like unconventional techniques, but combined with her talent she has created a style that is new, interesting, and quite inspiring. When I first viewed her work I almost found it overwhelming with bits of images and a wide scope of colors. However, as I took the time to discover more about the images I found myself getting lost in them. There is an incredible amount of detail to lose yourself in and with the combination of vibrant colors and intriguing textures, Laleh Khorramian definitely deserves her spot in the sun.

     While I continued to look through the Saatchi Gallery website I also found a work of art that was not very appealing to me, personally, though I respect the artist for their form of expression. I will not go so far as to say I don’t consider it art because whether or not I personally like a piece does not mean I can’t see the artistic qualities. The piece of work is called The Infinite and Beyond created by Jeffar Khaldi. Many of the reasons this piece is liked among artists happens to be the same reasons I find it unappealing. The artist’s use of muddy colors and a very simple technique make it look rushed, in my opinion. Though I am familiar with this style of artwork I have never been fond of it. However, I can see how some art very attracted to this style of artwork and it is still apparent the amount of time and effort that was put into the piece.

     There are many pieces of art both old and new that I enjoy. Artists are a breed of variety and there will always be new techniques and styles being thrown into an already diverse variety of media. Regardless of style or subject matter, the job of viewing a tangible form of an artists' imagination is an experience that should not be skimmed over.

Artwork Chosen:

Some Comments on Empty and Full, Laleh Khorramian, 2008


The Infinite and Beyond, Jeffar Khaldi, 20008


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